Six of the seven municipalities of Arauca have already approved their PAT

The Territorial Action Plan is a planning tool to improve and strengthen comprehensive care and reparation for the population victim of armed conflict.


Within the framework of the territorial committees of Transitional Justice, the municipalities of the department of Arauca have been complying with the socialization and approval of the Territorial Action Plans (PAT) for the period 2020 - 2023, in accordance with the guidelines and technical guidance provided by the Victims Unit and the National Planning Department (DNP).

Thus, six of the seven municipalities of the department have the approval of the planning of the public policy of victims with the components and measures for adequate prevention, protection, assistance, care and comprehensive reparation for victims.

The director of the Victims Unit in Norte de Santander and Arauca, Alicia María Rojas Pérez, stated that “the Territorial Action Plans allow articulating and harmonizing the different planning instruments at the local level, such as development plans, operational plans annual investment, sector plans and specific victim policy plans to generate a greater impact on the guarantee of the rights of the victim population, by grouping the needs of this population, the commitments (actions, goals, programs and budget ) to meet these needs from the three levels of government that contribute to the effective enjoyment of victims' rights at the local level”.

Likewise, the official stated that the approval of the PAT promotes prioritization and planning at the territorial and national level, to favor the identification of the needs of the population, correcting the difficulties of accessing and disposing of information at the local and national levels, among other aspects to contribute to the goal of the national government in overcoming the situation of vulnerability of victims.

Finally, Alicia Rojas highlighted that local leaders have shown commitment to the implementation of the public policy for victims, through the articulation of lines of the development plan with the territorial action plans, an exercise in which they have the support of unit.