The Victims Unit delivered notifications to victims of armed conflict in Cauca

A total of 426 people approached the Regional Center for Victim Assistance in Popayán, to receive answers to their requests for humanitarian aid or for inclusion in the Unique Victims Registry.


A new notification day was held in Cauca for two days and allowed the Victims Unit to inform 426 people about their status in the different procedures they wish to move forward with the entity.

Regarding this activity, the territorial director of the Victims Unit in Cauca, Dan Harry Sánchez Cobo, said that “it is important to clarify to all the people called, that before making the notification, the verification of the related victimizing facts is carried out in the declaration and that this comes to be evaluated with the legal, technical and context elements that allow the appraiser to base a decision on each particular case, as provided by the Law”.

The official added that “all persons who received notification of their inclusion in the Single Victims Registry, enter the path of integral reparation, for those who receive a non-inclusion response, it is important to inform that they can access replacement resources and appeal within ten business days following notification to the Public Ministry.”

The activity had the presence and support of the Norwegian Refugee Council, an agency that guided the realization of replacement resources requested by the people summoned to receive their notification letter.