SIGO-PAT, the new VIVANTO portal’s module

The PAT Annual Operational Plan is in production, and the territorial entities will be able to annualize their Territorial Action Plan (PAT in its Spanish acronym) on the VIVANTO platform from April 12th.


Within the framework of integrating the Unit for the Victims’ tools, the Territory Nation Coordination Subdirectorate and the National Information Network Subdirectorate developed the PAT Annual Operational Plan module. As of 2021, territorial entities will be able to use this module to annualize the programs and budget that they will use each term.

For Carolina Cotes, Territory Nation Sub-director, this tool "allows the Unit’s information consolidation, both internal and externally. It is worth mentioning that the Annual Operational Plan, the SIGO VIVANTO, will allow territorial entities the characterization of the established offer in their Action Plans and, additionally, it will help to monitor the public policy implementation in budgetary and beneficiary terms.”

To optimize the Unit’s available tools for the victims’ public policy management, all the information and management that had been developed until last year in the Management Information Offers’ System (SIGO in its Spanish acronym), will now be available in one of the VIVANTO application portal modules.

If you are a mayor’s or governor’s office official and need access to the PAT Annual Operational Plan, you should be aware of the following:

1. If you don’t have a username and password for the VIVANTO portal, you must request them to the RNI articulator in your territory.

2. If you already have access to VIVANTO, you must request the module activation by filling out both the Excel format and the Individual Confidentiality Agreement; in the "Profile" field, you must point out (i) SIGO-PAT (mixed) or (ii) SIGO -PAT (query).

3. The PAT annualization may be carried out from April 12th until May 12th.

4. To ensure your user and Annual Operational Plan PAT’s module access from April 12th, you will have to manage it according to the points 1 and 2 indications no later than April 8th.

In addition, make sure to follow these recommendations for the optimal development of the exercise:

1. Before annualizing the programs you are going to run, thoroughly check your Territorial Action Plan. If you need to change your PAT, the necessary clearance will be enabled. To do this, you must send a written request by the mayor or governor, justifying why the PAT adjustments are needed. This letter should be addressed to the Territory Nation Coordination Sub-director and sent to

2. Before annualizing your PAT, you must make the adjustments identified in the review exercise. Once the annualization begins, you won’t be able to change the program.

Important: Manage your user activation now. Remember VIVANTO has access restrictions on weekends and from Monday to Friday after 6 pm.