The Unit intends to join the individual return of 2.000 victims’ households this year

This is foreseen by the Unit for the Victims’ Returns and Relocations Group with an investment of $2.500 million COP minimum.

Bogotá, D.C.Bogotá, D.C.

Around 2.000 victims’ homes that request their return and individual relocation will be accompanied by the Unit this year. This is according to the entity's projections given by Yolman Osorio, the Returns and Relocations Group Coordinator.

In Osorio’s opinion, this process needs at least a $2.500 million COP disbursement to attend that line of work, which represents the attention of households that request their return individually.

In this return mode, he explained, the victims request guidance and they are given an economic income equivalent to a 1,5 minimal wage in Colombia, this is intended for them to move to the place they have chosen.

“We do all the evaluation and coordination by considering all the needs of each victim or the affected group. We verify where they can settle, that they have minimum conditions wherever they go and we articulate with the mayor offices in each municipality,” he specified.

The Returns and Relocations Group Coordinator also mentioned that individual return programs’ beneficiaries receive three money transfers annually of approximately $509.000 COP every four months; each transfer is followed up during that year.

"In 2020, 1.800 households received guidance, which represents attention for 7.000 people average and an estimation of $2.000 million COP resources only for moving purposes."