In 2021, 420 Special Community Support Schemes will be delivered

This will strengthen the work done in 2020 with an investment of more than $20.000 million COP, when the Unit attended displacement victims over more than 200 municipalities in 18 departments with this strategy.

Bogotá, D.C.Bogotá, D.C.

During 2021, the forced displacement victim population will be able to rely on at least 420 Special Community Support Schemes (EEAC in is Spanish acronym) for the implementation of return or relocation plans; this was stated by Yolman Osorio, Coordinator of the Unit's Returns and Relocations Group.

“At this moment, we are in the Unit’s project strategy through offer. We started phase 1 with the mayor offices of different municipalities, namely, with whom we are going to do it. In this point is where Collective Reparation is added, as well as the entire prevention subject, which leads to us achieving more projects," he noted.

He specified that the aforementioned Special Schemes "are another line of work that the Returns and Relocations Group has; these are projects that promote the return or relocation plans and do not exceed $100 million COP each, according to the line of work."

“These Special Schemes allow to execute return plans’ actions. We develop the processes of these schemes with the mayor offices of different places,” he added.

The Coordinator recalled that 200 schemes were given throughout the country in 2020. However, the goal for that term was to deliver 434. Nonetheless, this has been carried out with more deliveries since the beginning of the year because of the situation created by the pandemic.

On a final note, Osorio reported that the disbursed resources for the Special Community Support Schemes in 2020 reached more than $20.000 million COP, which aided 200 municipalities in 18 departments.