21 thousand compensations will be delivered by the Unit for the Victims in July

About 200,000 million COP will have been invested in administrative compensation deliveries at the end of July in 333 municipalities and capital cities of the country.


One of the most important developments of the current Government has been the implementation of the compensation measure for the conflict victims: between August 2018 and June 2021, greater resources have been invested on behalf of 282,699 victims through 310,015 wire transfers, for a value close to 2.6 trillion COP.

To continue with this work, the Unit for the Victims has been developing notification events throughout the country, also called “Indemnizatón". The Great Notification Event will be held on July 28th, 29th and 30th, 2021, where more than 21,000 letters will be delivered to benefit victims located in 333 municipalities of the 32 departments of the country.

The Great Notification Event will take place simultaneously, and it seeks to reach all areas of the country considering one of the most frequent requirements of the conflict victims, who ask to reach the most remote places of the national territory. The mission directors and the team of professionals from the entity’s 20 Territorial Directions will reach difficult access regions to carry out this action.

With the letter delivery, the Unit gives a message of dignity that adds up to integral reparation. This also promotes that received resources are effectively directed and that the victims have real opportunities regarding technical or professional training for themselves or their children, as well as the creation or strengthening of productive projects, and the acquisition of rural real estate or new or used housing.

As it is well known, victims receive text messages or phone calls to get closer to the arranged points. These deliveries correspond to the prioritized population in accordance with Resolution 1049.

Integral reparation for the conflict victims

Integral reparation has individual, collective, material, moral and symbolic dimensions and it is composed of five measures: rehabilitation to restore the victims’ physical and psychosocial conditions; administrative compensation, which is financial compensation that helps to strengthen and/or rebuild the victims’ life project; satisfaction, to dignify and recognize the good name and thus compensate pain; restitution to reestablish material conditions before the victimizing act occurred; and non-repetition guarantees, as a State obligation to prevent that what happened ever happen again.

Comprehensive reparation is not only the measure of administrative compensation delivery, it means constant State support to guarantee access to the effective enjoyment of rights mentioned in Law 1448, aimed at the 7,356,751 victims who are today aid subjects in accordance with the Single Victims Registry (RUV in  its Spanish acronym) in matters of education, health, housing and income generation, among others; all this in order to create conditions of well-being and life projects transformation in coordination with other State entities.