Municipalities of eastern Antioquia advance in collective reparation

The implementation of the integral plans of San Carlos and San Rafael are in more than 50% of their implementation


The municipalities of San Rafael and San Carlos are located in the east of Antioquia department, and as Many throughout the national territory also suffered the horror of armed conflict. Today, they have a significant advance in the matter of collective reparation, by the State, at the head of the Victims Unit.

Due to the effects caused to their communities during the armed conflict, these two municipalities were recognized as subjects of collective reparation.

With more than 17,000 inhabitants, San Rafael is part of the Sub-region of Reservoirs, a strategic sector due to the location of important hydroelectric plants. This municipality received notification of its inclusion in the Unique Victims Registry (RUV) as the subject of collective reparation in December 2014.

Very close to San Rafael, is the municipality of San Carlos. This community dedicated to the cultivation of land, mining, paneling, coffee production and livestock activity, was recognized in the RUV on June 7, 2013.

Currently, the progress of the implementation of the collective reparation plan in San Rafael and San Carlos, in Antioquia, stands at 58.3% and 57.3% respectively.

The Victims Unit continues in its commitment to advance in the implementation of Comprehensive Plans for Collective Reparation of all groups, which allow the strengthening of their organizational capacities and the reconstruction of the social fabric.


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