17 years of the Havana massacre were commemorated in Buga

On October 10, 2001, that district of Buga experienced one of its worst moments. In 2013, the community was recognized as a subject of collective reparation and today is an example for the reconstruction of its social ties and community life.


With a Eucharist in the communal house of the village of Alaska, this community remembered yesterday its 24 inhabitants massacred 17 years ago by members of paramilitary groups.

The commemoration took place right next to the Alaskan agricultural institution, where most of these victims were shot on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 10, 2001.

"We are here to remember a painful moment, but also to realize how this town has come back to life. From faith and hope, this hard experience has strengthened us in unity, "the priest said.

After the massacre, a large part of inhabitants of the eight villages that make up the Havana township moved to other towns, leaving this territory in solitude.

In 2013, this community was recognized by the Colombian Government as a subject of collective reparation for the damage suffered in a group manner due to the conflict.

Juliana Mejía, professional of the Victims Unit in the Valley, highlights the case of this community for the leadership and strength of its people, which has contributed to the reconstruction of social ties and the soul of this people.

Today, the paths of Havana have managed to raise some of their productive projects (especially as an agricultural pantry) and its tourist vocation, with its beautiful rivers and natural waterfalls.