Displaced population of Tumaco returns to its territory

Victims Unit supervised the delivery of aid to families victims of displacement in the municipality of Tumaco, Nariño


The national government, through the Victims Unit, coordinated the assistance and delivery of humanitarian aid from the families of Chaguí River Community Council that were displaced on January 9, 2020.

After arranging with the community, the logistic mechanisms of return and delivery of humanitarian aid, the director (e) of the Victims Unit, Vladimir Martin, arrived at Las Mercedes village in rural area of ​​Tumaco, to verify first-hand the situation of the affected community.

“Today we are here verifying the situation, we are materializing the deliveries of humanitarian aid that the Victims Unit has arranged to serve these communities; but we are also verifying the entire Return Accompaniment Plan, to guarantee the principles that allow these communities to access the institutional offer, as indicated by the President of the Republic, Iván Duque”, said Vladimir Martin.

Between today and Wednesday of next week the Victims Unit, with the accompaniment of the Mayor's Office of Tumaco, the Nariño Governorate and the National Navy, will deliver the 52 tons of humanitarian aid destined by the Government National.

“We are happy for the work that has been done, we thank the Victims Unit for being aware of us day and night to help us resolve this situation and to guarantee our return”, Jairo Naval, leader of Union Río Chaguí Community Council.

Once the aid has been delivered, the Victims Unit will continue working and articulating efforts to consolidate the Return Plan and continue to accompany the community.

“From the first day the Victims Unit has accompanied us to provide advice. It is a blessing to be able to come to the territory and see a complete and restored population in their place of origin”, said Emilse Angulo, mayors of Tumaco (Nariño).