Nariño already has PAT approved

Through the Departmental Committee for Transitional Justice, the 13 Territorial Action Plans were approved, which will be the departmental roadmap for the implementation of the Public Policy of Victims in the 2020-2023 period.


In the second session of the Departmental Committee for Transitional Justice, which took place virtually, the departmental Territorial Action Plan (PAT) was unanimously approved, which includes the thirteen territorial plans, which will govern the implementation of the Public Policy on victims in the department in the 2020-2023 term.

In this regard, William Pinzón Fernández, Nariño territorial director of the Victims Unit, said that “the articulation process that has taken place through the nation-territory team and the Government of Nariño is very important, providing feedback that would allow the fulfillment of the goals and processes in comprehensive reparation; as coordinators of the National System of Attention and Comprehensive Reparation to Victims (SNARIV), we are here to demonstrate our commitment to the more than 367.000 victims in our department, and we will work so that this approved planning is put into practice".

The delegates of the Effective Table for the Participation of Victims, the Government of Nariño, the Unit for Victims, as well as representatives of the Public Ministry, ICBF, SENA and the Public Force, among others, participated in this Committee.

The Territorial Action Plan is the planning tool that will allow local administrations to plan their public policy for victims, taking into account the components and measures for adequate prevention, protection, assistance, care and comprehensive reparation for victims.