Ramón Rodríguez took over as director of the Victims Unit

He had been acting as director in charge of the entity since September 2018. Today it was ratified by the director of Social Prosperity, Susana Correa.


Ramón Alberto Rodríguez Andrade was ratified as Director General of the Victims Unit on April 23, 2019, after assuming the order of the Entity's Management for more than 7 months. The act of possession was before the director of the Department for Social Prosperity, Susana Correa,

A man with sensitivity for social issues, knowledge of the dynamics of work in the territory and committed to the construction of the country based on the potential of the victims of armed conflict, people from whom he has learned about courage, tenacity, courage, resilience and, especially, of what human beings are capable of when we work with passion to make our dreams possible.

He is a professional in industrial engineering at the Catholic University of Colombia, a specialist in Development Projects and Senior Management of the State, of the Higher School of Public Administration (ESAP), and Master in Cooperation and Sustainable Development, of the Higher European Studies Institute. He has extensive experience in public administration, university teaching, comprehensive quality management, strategic planning, management of social projects, public policies and community work.

He was the executive director of a metal mechanic center in Guaviare, director of the Departmental Fund for Microenterprise Support and of the Escuela Superior de Administracion Publica (ESAP) (Higher School of Public Administration) in this same department; He has also been a teacher of the National Apprenticeship Service (SENA) and Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia (UNAD) National Open and Distance University.

He worked for a year and a half as Secretary of Government in the municipality of San José del Guaviare, when the call for the Social Solidarity Network - which later became Acción Social - was presented. After nine years as Territorial Director of that entity, he arrived in Bogotá as coordinator of the four municipalities of the department of Guaviare and two of the south of Meta (Mapiripán and Puerto Concordia).

In Bogotá he worked for a year with the National Program of the United Nations for Development (UNDP) and later joined the Unit for Comprehensive Attention and Reparation for Victims, initially as a contractor for the Subdirectorate of Emergency Care and Prevention, where coordinated the Emergency group and held the position of Deputy Director of this unit. Within the Unit, subsequently, he served as General Secretary of the entity and was deputy director in charge on two occasions.

In 2018 he assumed the position of General Director (e) of the Victims Unit, while also holding the position of Technical Director of Social and Humanitarian Management, an opportunity that allowed him to influence the policy of Prevention, Protection and Guarantees of Non-Repetition, ensuring immediate and timely attention to humanitarian emergencies arising from the internal armed conflict, in addition to the entire process of delivery of humanitarian aid to the population included in the Single Victim Registry.

As General Manager in charge, he undertook a robust agenda aimed at achieving strategic alliances, obtaining resources and managing everything necessary to strengthen the path of implementing Law 1448 of 2011 and, therefore, to meet the more than eight million victims of  armed conflict that our country has, until the fruit of a successful career in the social sector and his perseverance, from April 23, 2019 assumed the position of Director General of the Unit.