"Child victims are a priority for the Unit": Ramón Rodríguez

The emotional rehabilitation and the social and personal environments of the minors, are essential tasks for the entity


The restitution of the rights and family and school environments of more than 2.3 million children and adolescent victims is an essential priority for the Unit.

This was stated by Ramón Rodríguez, director of the Victims Unit in the conversation "Types of Violence in the Armed Conflict", of the "Word Strip for Reconciliation", of the International Book Fair in Bogotá.

The director of Unit, about the month of children in Colombia, stressed that the emotional reconstruction and restoration of rights and social environments of children are crucial in the tasks that their office develops.

"Child victims have to invest resources to ensure that they are empowered of their rights, to be better citizens in the future and to be empowered people of each of their facets", he said.

Rodriguez assured that the Unit also works to aid and assist more than 29,593 women victims throughout the national territory, who are encouraged in their emotional recovery and their reintegration into society.

The director of Unit, reiterated that responds to the Government guidelines to extend the law 1448, Law of Victims, in a responsible manner.

For her part Angela Anzola of the District Secretary of Women insisted that the issue of victims must be overcome with a united work among all sectors of Colombian society.

Anzola said that the capital has 160,000 women victims of conflict resulting from forced displacement, recruitment and sexual violence, among others.

For her part, Judith Sarmiento, a journalist and lawyer, moderator of the discussion, said that when we are summoned to read as a country, "we must read as victims of conflict, because we all have been and continue to be, and we must take advantage of this space to understand ourselves as Colombians".