The Japanese embassy will support community projects in Putumayo

Victims' organizations and territorial entities that manage community development projects may benefit.


The Unit for the Victims’ Putumayo’s Territorial Direction announced the Japanese Embassy’s call for victims' organizations. The aim is for these organizations to apply with their productive projects so they can receive up to $230 million COP in resources.

With this open call and through the Non-Reimbursable Financial Assistance system for Community Human Security Projects, the Japanese Embassy offers help to non-governmental organizations or local authorities (mayors’ offices) “to solve problems related to fundamental human needs satisfaction within vulnerable population due to determinable socio-economic factors,” according to the delegation.

Non-profit organizations that apply development projects in the community field may benefit from this cooperation system if they have a minimum of two years of experience and demonstrable legal constitution.

Likewise, territorial entities (mayors and governors offices) may apply too.

The participants will find that the main lines of support are those of infrastructure construction (Child Development Centers, primary schools, etc.). In the case of municipal and departmental educational institutions, the requesting entity must be the mayor's or the governor’s office. The same goes for municipal libraries (pre-selection process by the infrastructure group of the Ministry of Culture) and the acquisition of equipment (job training and doctors, among others).

The open call will be open until April 30th or the moment 250 applications are received.

The following kind of projects will not be considered: research, production, cultural, artistic, sports, political, religious, military purposes, construction of houses, offices or other facilities of private benefit.

For more information and to download the registration form, please check the following link: https://www.colombia.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_es/cooperacionAPC.html For additional information, you can write to: cooperacion@ba.mofa.go.jp or call (1) 3175001, ext. 139 and 114.