Nueva Venecia commemorates 20 years of the massacre

In Nueva Venecia collective reparation subject four satisfaction measures have been implemented


The Victims Unit has implemented in the repair subject the recovery of the community ambulance boat for the communities of Nueva Venecia and Buenavista, adaptation and provision of the health post, adaptation of a place in both communities for the disposal of solid waste, talks and training on the importance of recycling and the processes of dignity and recovery of the good name through Entrelazando strategy.

The commemoration that will take place in Nueva Venecia has different activities, among which stand out from November 21: day of painting on canvas with high school students of different grades, day of painting to the stones monument to the victims, act symbolic fixation of forgiveness resignification to the square, exhibition of multiple classroom paintings gallery.

The conference will culminate on November 22 with the exhibition of a gallery of paintings and a photographic gallery, a symbolic act in homage to the victims, a mass and a discussion.

Within the framework of the commemoration, these spaces seek to honor the 37 victims and their families, mitigate the pain a bit and vindicate the events that occurred due to the armed conflict in this community.

In December, the Victims Unit plans to deliver two 25-passenger taxi boats, an investment of over $ 300 million pesos, which will contribute to the strengthening of the community.

Another measure that will be carried out at the end of 2020 is the implementation of the rehabilitation measure through an interlocking community strategy implemented by the Victims Unit to rebuild the social network affected by the armed conflict

The territorial director of the Victims Unit in Magdalena, Jair Diazgranados indicated that “these commotions help mitigate the damage caused by the armed conflict, remembering each year the victims and their families with symbolic acts and tributes to honor the memories of the victims”.

Considering the health emergency, the activities will be carried out in compliance with all biosafety standards and protocols.