Young victims of Sucre highlight programs for higher education

On the day "Building My Future", beneficiaries with forgivable credits pose that when finishing their university careers, they are prioritized to access jobs.


Young victims who are beneficiaries of repayable loans from the Repayment Fund, for the payment of their different university careers in Sucre, highlighted the benefits of program and asked the Victims Unit and other national entities to be prioritized to fill existing job vacancies.

The request was known at the "Building My Future" day promoted in the auditorium of the Unit in Sincelejo, led by the territorial director, Isaac Hernández, and by delegates sent from the entity's headquarters in Bogotá.

The law student of Corporación Universitaria del Caribe and benefited with a condone credit, Yesid Arroyo Herrera, said that with the activity developed he had strengthened concepts that he had about the loan strategy and procedures to apply to them. "We are going to massify all this information about where the resources come from, which entities participate and how the strategy is accessed", he added.

Arroyo also stressed that during the day "values ​​were consolidated, we worked as a team, there was commitment to continue updating information and the possibility of creating a network of resumes for those who complete their careers was raised, to be prioritized to fill vacancies that they exist at all levels and entities of the State".

Sindy Paola Montes Siolo, also a beneficiary of credits and student of Political and Social Sciences of the University Corporation of the Caribbean, stressed: "We were fully informed about how the credit program works and how they can be condoned. They also found out where the resources for training came from and also worked as a team with students from different universities and different careers".

According to the territorial management of Sucre, on Wednesday "Building my Future" young students from Sincelejo, Corozal and Toluviejo participated, who are already in sixth and tenth semester in Law, Business Administration, Speech Therapy, Bachelor of Mathematics and Architecture, among other university careers.

According to information from the Victims Unit, the strategy that grants 100% condone loans becomes effective only when the beneficiaries finish their studies, obtain the academic title and credit it to ICETEX.

From the ICETEX it was specified that, to date, the referred aid program invested $ 163,963 million among 5,834 young victims, of 622 municipalities of 32 departments of the country, and that the territories with the greatest number of beneficiaries are Antioquia, Capital District, Bolívar, Cesar, Sucre and Chocó, in academic programs such as Law, Psychology, Business Administration, Public Accounting.