Survivors of Acandí, Chocó, received support for productive initiatives

This strengthening is part of integral reparation and contributes to the project and quality of life of the beneficiaries and their families. On this occasion there are 12 socio-productive initiatives supported in the framework of the design and execution of the pilot project of the Operational Model of Support for Victims implemented by the Unit, which included different lines of support and business strengthening.


In the municipality of Acandí, Chocó, inputs were provided for artisanal, livestock, agricultural, commercial and endowment activities to twelve survivors of armed conflict, in support and strengthening their individual socio-productive initiatives. This strengthening is part of the integral reparation and contributes to the productive project and to improve the survivor’s quality of life.

The productive entrepreneurial strengthening process is preceded by an accompaniment to each representative of the initiatives, with the objective of measuring the contribution and importance of the delivery of these goods and the implication and social impact on their family and community groups.

The first phase was carried out in October 2018, through a process of selection and comprehensive accompaniment to these people, with guidance to their business plan and psychosocial activities.

The inputs delivered are directly oriented to strengthen economic activities such as agriculture, livestock, hunting, forestry (activities related to the cultivation, care and exploitation of forests), fishing, commercial activities and manufacturing industries.

The purpose of these integral processes is part of the integral reparation and as a measure of satisfaction leads to being guided in the production processes and insertion in the market, which facilitate the personal development and social integration of the beneficiaries.

Teodora Navarro, one of beneficiaries with supplies, expressed her gratitude with the Unit: "it is a great help to strengthen my business, to link other women, to be able to associate those that already come in this work and to strengthen us". She makes handicrafts related to tourism in Acandí, such as the promotion of the legendary Caná turtle, through t-shirts and embroidery, among others.

This pilot project was attended by cooperating agencies such as the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).