After 21 years, El Salado continues to rebuild its life project

It has been 21 years since El Salado massacre, one of the most violent episodes in the history of the country, but throughout these years, its residents have moved forward in their integral reparation.

BolívarEl Carmen de Bolívar

According to the Single Victims Registry (RUV in its Spanish acronym), there are 133,145 people included for the violence events that happened in Carmen de Bolivar. It is worth mentioning that 92.94% are victims of forced displacement, followed by 2.93% for homicide and 1.04% due to threats.

Specifically, in the village of El Salado, Carmen de Bolivar (Bolivar), 385 people have been compensated with a budget of $2,671,445,744 million COP. It should be noted that 96 of these people were compensated during President Duque’s Government with an investment of $896,029,987 million COP. On the other hand, 116 judicial compensations have been given to 97 victims for $2,048,517,399 million COP.

Regarding El Salado Collective Reparation Subject

On October 16th, 2012, the Integral Collective Reparation Plan was approved with 37 actions: 9 Non-Repetition Guarantees to prevent new violence; 20 Restitution actions to restore the Collective material and citizen conditions; and 8 Satisfaction actions that seek to dignify and recognize the good name of the community.

An investment of $510,032,274 COP has been made within the Plan. Currently, this strategy is in its implementation phase, with a 40.5% progress thanks to 10 actions, five in the implementation process and five in management.

Additionally, Carmen de Bolivar is one of the 170 prioritized municipalities with Development Programs with Territorial Approach (PDET in its Spanish acronym).

El Salado Tragedy

Between February 16th and 20thof the year 2000, the United Self-Defenses of Colombia (AUC in its Spanish acronym) arrived at this village and murdered 60 peasants. These events caused the forced displacement of hundreds of people, totally dismantling community life.

Currently, El Salado Collective Reparation Subject has the participation of 27 weavers from different settlements. Historically, these people have been caregivers to the community. Their knowledge, experiences and education contribute to preserve balance, generate coping mechanisms and resume a collective life project.

“We ratify our commitment with the construction of the Regional Victims Assistance Center, which will let us aid the victims of Montes de Maria from Bolivar and Sucre municipalities. We want to bring the entire institutional offer closer to the victims, that is why we are coordinating actions and efforts with El Carmen de Bolivar’s Mayor’s Office and the department’s Governor's Office.” This was announced on February 5th by the Unit for the Victims’ Director, Ramon Rodriguez, who joint by President Ivan Duque, visited this municipality to meet with the affected community.