Victim Participation Board elected in Tolima

The democratic day was attended by 146 delegates from across the department and 28 representatives were elected.


After overcoming a legal remedy (guardianship), which forced the postponement of the initial date for the election of the Departmental Table of Effective Participation of Victims of Tolima, this Saturday at the facilities of INEM school, in Ibagué, the democratic day was held with the partition 146 voters, representatives of the municipal tables of the entire department, who met the requirements for the nomination.

At the end of the activity that took place in complete calm, it was known that 28 members were elected, representing the victimizing approaches and facts as follows:

23 delegates of the municipal victims tables

Three ethnic minorities

Two of the ODV Victims' Organizations (Foundation for the Recovery of Human Rights in Colombia and Latin America and the Peace, Love, Life for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Corporation).

María José Dangond David, Director of the Central Territory of the Victims Unit, who made a presence during the day highlighted the active partition of the victims: “An important attendance of 146 thin members of this population, which allowed the election of their representatives in the Departmental Bureau that in turn will have their delegates in the election of the National Mesa in the municipality of Paipa in Boyacá”, said the official

For his part, the regional Ombudsman Miguel Ángel Aguiar Delgadillo, in charge of the technical secretariat thanked the partition and support of state entities and explained that “it was a day of quiet participation in where they were able to exercise their right to vote, freely and spontaneously, since everything went as planned, with the support of entities such as the government, the Attorney General's Office, the Victims Unit, Police and Prosecutors, ”of which Aguiar added , were indispensable to meet the victims.

Likewise, Héctor Sánchez, delegate of the table of the municipality of Lebanon, said “that it was a democratic exercise and we have chosen the people who really meet our expectations to collaborate with this victim population” he ratified.

It should be noted that, with the election of this table, the process of elections of effective Victim Participation tables in the country is fulfilled, with 32 departmental tables being elected, 1,047 municipal, the Bogota District Board and only the election will remain pending of the National Table that will be held between 6,7 and 8 November in the municipality of Paipa, Boyacá.