LGBTIQ Victims community delivers an advocacy document to the Unit for the Victims

In their proposals, they suggest all the actions that both the Unit and the SNARIV entities must carry out to improve their life quality and continue with their integral reparation process.

MagdalenaSanta Marta

The LGBTIQ differential approach victims were gathered in a meeting by the Unit for the Victims in Santa Marta for the first time this year. The topics they included in the document were administrative compensation, housing, income generation and health and education.

According to this document, the assistance to their needs in the face of these issues is part of their advocacy work on the Victims’ Public Policy that seeks to give them integral reparation.

Regarding administrative compensation, they point out the primordial need to update the sub-registration, so this population group can be effectively targeted. In the same manner, they ask their compensation to become a priority.

They request work boards with the Ministry of Housing in order to settle a special line of housing with a differential LGBTIQ focus, as well as special lines of credit and state subsidies; the make these request for urban and rural housing.

On the other hand, another petition they make is to be included in the Unit for the Victims’ “Mi negocio” programs; the Social Prosperity Department’s “Familias en su tierra”; and the Ministry of Labor’s “Formandonos para la paz”; they also want to take part of income generation aiming at financially strengthen their families. Likewise, they want this community integration and prioritization to the supply portfolio of the SNARIV entities, and they also mentioned job offers from public and private entities, and access to productive projects.

This community representatives from the 32 departments and the Capital District also indicate their health and education needs: an undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship bank for the LGBTIQ victims’ community, and to improve health and care conditions for trans women in the harmonization process, as well as generating a special line for funeral support.

Yanny Zambrano Diaz, the Unit for the Victims’ Participation Sub-director, said: "As the coordinating entity of the SNARIV, we will aid and generate corresponding articulations in the face of the recommendations and commitments of this meeting."