Government and victims define work agenda to strengthen public policy

The consolidation work will be done at the request of the Fundamental National Agenda, with the Ministry of the Interior, the Unit for the Victims and the Land Restitution Unit, among other entities.

Bogotá, D.C.Bogotá, D.C.

This Monday, entities of the Government and spokespersons of the National Victims' Board met at the national headquarters of the Unit for the Victims to deepen the projects in favor of the more than 9 million people affected by the conflict.

According to Ramon Rodriguez, the Unit for the Victims Director, what is sought with the new work agenda is "to advance in the fundamentals. We have agreements and, because of that and working with the institutions, we will conclude by reviewing the commitments and making a work plan with the victims’ requests,” he explained at the end of the consultations held with representatives of the National Effective Victims’ Participation Board.

Rodriguez specified that the projected work will allow to attend security issues next week. These subjects will deal with the UNP, infrastructure issues, income generation, housing, but this time with each of those responsible in the SNARIV, which allows victims to access the offer of services and programs.

Also contributing to the working board were Emilio Archila, High Presidential Adviser for Stabilization; Andres Castro, Land Restitution Unit Director; Alfonso Campo, National Protection Unit Director; Orlando Burgos, Nini Cardozo, Telemina Barros, Yolanda Perea, Laura Borrero, John Jairo Romero and Eucaris Salas, who represent the National Effective Victims’ Participation Board.

According to Orlando Burgos, the National Board Executive Committee Coordinator: "Detailed orders were delivered today to plan a schedule and the institutions that will respond to it; we hope it will be fulfilled."

In his opinion, the victims will be vigilant so this process can clarify everything regarding the Victims Public Policy. "We will begin the route next week. We hope to complete it successfully since there will be a national commission to follow up on it," he noted.