A new start for displaced families from Santander de Quilichao and Miranda, in Cauca

A total of 141 families affected by the conflict received elements to set up restaurants, beauty salons, shops, clothing workshops and cafeterias, moving towards the consolidation of their life projects.

CaucaSantander de Quilichao

Through the Special Family Accompaniment Schemes (EEAF) provided by the Victims Unit, 141 family nuclei victims of armed conflict are beginning today a new life project that will allow them to contribute to the economy of the region, through initiatives productive among which beauty salons, shops, clothing workshops, among others.

"This process of delivery of productive units that exceeds 700 million pesos, allows consolidate and contribute to the productive development of families who see a new beginning in this life project. We know that social investment is the way to consolidate the peace that is so longed for in Cauca's territories”, said Dan Harry Sánchez Cobo, Cauca territorial director of the Victims Unit.

The official added that this process, in addition to being healing for many families, will make it possible to strengthen the region's economy, in some cases generating jobs and income "for those who have lost everything because of the conflict".

This delivery represents the fulfillment by the national government of the policy of "La Paz con Hechos", to prioritized municipalities with Development Programs with a Territorial Approach (PDET).