The Pacific Nariño Coast receives support to improve victims care

The Plan Foundation aided Tumaco’s Victims Attention Regional Center with an investment close to $27 million COP.

NariñoSan Andrés de Tumaco

By means of the Liderando Por La Paz program, which is financed by the Canadian Government, the Plan Foundation delivered an endowment in order to improve victims care on the Pacific Nariño Coast, as well as to strengthen the operation of Tumaco’s Victims Attention Regional Center (CRAV for its Spanish acronym).

This donation, an investment of approximately $27 million COP, included biosafety instruments, office furniture, computer equipment, printers, audio equipment and materials to improve the waiting room, game room with tables, children's chairs, and mats and educational games, among others.

William Pinzon Fernandez, the Unit for the Victims’ Nariño’s Territorial Director, thanked this donation on behalf of the victims: “It is very important to know that we are not alone in this path of assistance, aid and reparation to the victims. On the contrary, each day more strategic allies join us and contribute to our mission significantly. This donation is very important to strengthen care at this site, which does not only serve Tumaco’s victims, but also the people from the whole Pacific Nariño Coast.”

This strengthening and improvement to Tumaco’s CRAV comes from the partnership of different key actors from the National System of Attention and Integral Victims Reparation (SNARIV for its Spanish acronym) and territory allies, such as: the Plan Foundation, the Unit for the Victims, the Procurator's Office, the Ombudsman's Office, District Victims Board representatives, victims organizations’ leaders, the Mayor's Office, and allied NGOs, such as the Pan-American Development Foundation (FUPAD for its Spanish acronym) and Save the Children.

Factors that will improve the victims care include technical aspects such as public servants training about differential and gender assistance, and material design that strengthens information and orientation processes, as well as inter-institutional articulation exercises.