Executes, articulates and supports training processes and internal and external training, seeking to optimize timely and efficient care for victims.

From a strategy of co-adjuvance and in attention to the principle of harmonious collaboration, it trains the officials of the Public Ministry and consulates in the declaration process.

  • Completion of the Single Declaration Form (FUD)
  • Capture of declarations in the application for the taking of declaration online.

Provides permanent support to the entities in charge of taking statements, in order to minimize inconsistencies in the declarations and reduce the volume of returns.

Develops training processes for registration collaborators, seeking to make their performance in each of the tasks and activities more efficient in order to provide timely assistance to victims.

It develops pedagogical and informative audiovisual material, support and conceptual strengthening and registration guidelines.

Within the built-in support material is:

  1. Tutorial videos that explain the completion of the Declaration Form in the online declaration process.
  2. Support material for taking physical statements in the Unique Declaration Form.