Regional centers

The regional centers for the assistance and reparation of the victims are part of a strategy of interinstitutional articulation at a national and regional level. They aim to assist, guide, support and do the follow-up of the victims who want to access the state offer in order to ease the procedures they have to fulfill to exercise their rights to the truth, justice and comprehensive reparation.

These centers work in a permanent way and they are being built gradually in municipalities having a major number of victims, taking into account the specific needs of each territory, as well as the programs, strategies and existing infrastructure.

The Direction of the Victims Unit, through the Regional Center Groups, from June 2013 to December 2015, has improved 35 Attention Points in all the National Territory, with an investment of near 3.150 million pesos. These resources have been used in infrastructure adaptation and equipment and furniture provision, aiming to strengthen and improve the face-to-face assistance for the victims.

Centros Regionales