It guarantees that the respondents are aware of the decisions made regarding the declarations, resources and guardianships presented to the Victims Unit.

Within the competences that the Law establishes for the Direction of Registry, it is the one of notifying the declarants the decisions in front of their requests of inclusion and other requirements (resources and guardianships). With the purpose of guaranteeing this right, strategies have been developed that have allowed the approach to the declarants in the territory, having as a priority the achievement of personal attention and notification, and dignifying the victims from the first contact with the Unit.

Notification Days

In those municipalities that have a high concentration of respondents to notify, massive attention is provided, with the number of staff and necessary logistical deployment; thus, reducing times, avoiding procedures.

Mobile Notifier

In those municipalities that do not have the presence of the Unit, there is a mobile notifier, which performs departmental tours, in order to notify people who, reside there and have not managed to access the Administrative Act that informs the decision of the Unity.


  • Institutional presence in all the departments of the country.
  • Assistance in municipalities that are difficult to access.
  • Attention and notification in times of law.
  • Journeys and workshops designed not to generate waste of time and money to the respondents.
  • Accompaniment and advice on the repair route and administrative route.
  • Institutional strengthening between national level and territory.