National Information Network Tools - RNI

  • Vivanto: It is a web and online information system that allows the consolidated consultation of information related to a victim, from its basic data, statements presented under any normative framework that make up the Single Victim Registry up to the benefits received by different programs of National Government.
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  • Geographic Viewer: Allows the visualization of consolidated data in geographic databases coordinated by the National Information Network, which have a spatial relationship for the generation of maps, thematic consultations, and other benefits.
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  • Victimization Risk Index:  The IRV is a tool that helps to focus actions aimed at reducing the risk of victimization due to human rights violations and breaches of International Humanitarian Law in the country.
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  • Strategy Characterization: It is a mechanism to gather adequate and updated information on the situation of victims of armed conflict throughout the country, thus allowing the targeting of actions and prioritizing public policies on victims.
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  • RUSICST: The Unified Report of the Information, Coordination and Territorial Follow-up of the Public Policy of Victims of Internal Armed Conflict (RUSICST) system allows to strengthen the institutional capacity of the territorial entities through the public policy disclosure, the identification of the shortcomings institutions and the proposal and implementation of an improvement plan that allows them to gradually move towards guaranteeing the rights of the victim population.
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