National Cases

The National Case Strategy aims to implement political and comprehensive reparation processes to groups and political organizations that are highly victimized in the framework of the internal armed conflict. This is carried out as a contribution to the peace process and democracy in Colombia.

These groups foresee different effects from those caused to individuals in the armed conflict context. This perspective considers the effects and damage to democratic values that substantiate the Social Rule of Law, as well as the appropiate conditions in a fair social order.

The objective of the reparation processes for these groups is to provide strengthening mechanisms in the exercise of rights such as; press freedom and information access, unión and association liberties that involve the right to strike and collective bargaining of civil, political, economic and environmental rights.

Prioritized Cases

Currently, this strategy includes; The union movement, the journalists group, the human rights NGO "Popular Training Institute " (IPC), the organizations platform "Network of Citizen peace Initiative Against War" (Redepaz), the group of Councilors and Deputies, the "National Association of Peasant Users of Colombia" (Anuc) and the political organization "Unión Patriótica" (UP).

Casos Nacionales