The Victims Unit review

The Unit for the Victims Assistance and Reparation is a Colombian institution created in January 2012, by Law 1448/2011, also known as the Victims and Land Restitution Law. This law establishes measures to assist and repair the damages the conflict brought along in people around the country.

This entity aims at approaching the State and the victims through an efficient coordination and transforming actions looking to promote the effective participation of victims in their reparation process. Following this instruction, the Unit coordinates the assistance and reparation measures given by the State, as well as the entities that are part of the National System for the Comprehensive Assistance and Reparation of Victims.

The Unit is a national entity with administrative and patrimonial independence, which belongs to the social inclusion and reconciliation sector, led by the Colombian department of Social Prosperity (DPS, in Spanish).

La Unidad