The Unit for the Victims, the second-place entity to meet its four-year goals

In the 2021 institutional performance index, the Unit climbed to 96.6 points in administrative efficiency to meet the period’s goals.

Bogotá, D.C.Bogotá, D.C.

With this score, the Unit for the Victims becomes a benchmark in the social inclusion and reconciliation sector, according to the general director Ramon Rodriguez during an International Quality, Excellence and Innovation event.

The event took place this Wednesday at the Antonio Nariño Theater in the Cundinamarca’s Governor’s Office with the participation of the management and mission teams of the Unit for the Victims, the Cundinamarca’s Governor’s Office and, in addition, guests from Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, Icontec, Quality-Forum and the Corporacion de Calidad, who reflected on a context agenda of advanced management and excellence, artificial intelligence, international experiences and reflection generation related to management and prospective knowledge.

In the Unit’s Director words: “The entity has improved in this quality and excellence path. For this reason, we can announce that we managed to be the second entity in the national order that climbs to 96.6 points in administrative efficiency, thus complying with four-year goals. In addition, we have moved forward applying management systems under international standards and certificates”, he added.

On the other hand, he assured that the Unit for the Victims is an organization committed to quality and excellence: “Day by day, with the commitment of the management, national, territorial and coordinators teams, we understand that institutional achievements translate into benefits for the country’s victim population.”