Data Quality

It verifies the quality of data of the Unique Victims Registry and purges the information that presents inconsistencies.

The data quality in public entities allows the State to make better decisions in the definition and development of public policies and to guarantee the principles of Government online. From the Direction of Registration and Management of the Information - DRGI takes place from the year 2017 the development of the process of quality of data (data quality) in a work articulated with all the areas of the Direction as well as with the Office of Management Technologies of Information (OTI), with the objective of making the information of the Single Victim Registry, a complete, accurate, consistent and updated information.

The task of the Data Quality group in the DRGI, is oriented to the purification or cleaning of the data; based on the ISO / IEC 25012 standard, proposing to analyze and manage the accuracy, completeness, credibility, timeliness and accessibility of the data

When using the methodology of Data Quality Methodology (TDQM), whose objective is the continuous improvement of Information Products (IP) in the organizational context; the DRGI seeks the delivery of high quality information products to data consumers, facilitating the application of global data quality policies in an organization at the management and senior management level, and most importantly, in order to achieve a positive impact on the lives of the victims through the management of public policies based on reliable and valid data.