All about the peace process, in native languages

In order to bring the Peace Agreement closer to the different communities that inhabit the national territory, the Unit for Victims publishes the content on topics such as: comprehensive agrarian development policy; political participation; solution to the problem of illicit drugs; victims and confidence building measures; in Creole languages, ri palenge, iku, uitoto, namtrik, and nasa yuwe.

This initiative seeks effective access to the information contained in the Agreement and the participation of the different ethnic groups of Colombia in the construction of a new country.

The content of this publication, made by the High Commissioner for Peace Office and translated by the Ministry of Culture, is free to print and distribute.

The following are available:

To know the agreement in other languages, visit the website of the High Commissioner for Peace.

Asuntos Étnicos
Acuerdo de La Habana en Creole
Acuerdo de La Habana en Palenque
Acuerdo de La Habana en Uitoto
Acuerdo de La Habana en Nasa Yuwe
Acuerdo de La Habana en Namtrik