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Unit for the Victims and the Search Unit for Disappeared People agreed on joint inter-institutional actions

Among other subjects, the Unit for the Victims and the UBPD (in its Spanish acronym) decided to create a technical board that allows to establish specific actions and deepen the ones that are already being worked in collaboration.

The Unit for the Victims’ Interinstitutional Management Director, Aura Helena Acevedo, and the UBPD’s Director, Luz Marina Monzon, met to define joint actions.

The virtual meeting between the two entities worked to make a diagnosis of the articulated work so far. Other specific issues were discussed, such as the territorial deployment of the Unit for Victims and the UBPD, with the purpose of integrating and prioritizing territories to establish joint actions.

As a result of the collaborative work there is plenty to stand out: the actions carried out by the National Information Network regarding the exchange of information, massive data cross-referencing and the response delivery to requests cross-reference made by the UBPD.

Likewise, there were other highlights, such as the psychosocial support and the participation guarantee of 438 family members of 223 forced disappearance and homicide direct victims carried out by the Unit for the Victims. This work was done along with the search processes and corpse delivery carried out by the UBPD with the General Attorney’s Office; these actions help to mitigate families’ emotional impact and dignify the victims’ memory.

Regarding the strategic actions to be undertaken, the importance of the assistance and participation of the Unit for the Victims in the Integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition Inter-institutional Committee (SIVJRNR in its Spanish acronym) is highlighted, mainly, this is proposed in order to articulate reparation actions.

Likewise, the need to implement humanitarian actions was stablished, as well as the need for pedagogy processes and procedures that contribute to improve institutional response based on the needs expressed by the disappeared people families.

In the same manner, the importance of executing actions at the territorial level was raised, specifically aiming at improving territorial entities’ technical strengthening when it comes to the Peace Agreement implementation; all this focused on bettering victims’ reparation.

The Government officials also discussed plans for the participation framework, which revolved around training and dissemination initiatives for victims about their rights. The following was also discussed: participation schemes and procedures that are being carried out with a differential focus to strengthen victims’ advocacy actions in the transitional justice system; pedagogy activities in coordination with SIVJRNR entities, aimed at victims and society in general about participation mechanisms in the humanitarian search process with a differential and gender focus; development and systematization of listening spaces with victims organized in the Victims National Board.

In relation to the above, the Unit for the Victims and the UBPD decided to create a technical board that allows the establishment of specific actions within a work plan which, furthermore, will also respond to the requirements of the Delegated Procurator with Follow-up Functions to the Peace Agreement Implementation, the Commission for Follow-up and Compliance Monitoring of 2011’s 1448 Law and the Inter-Parliamentary Commission for the Victims and Land Restitution Law Follow-up, among others.


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