The Unit joined the Department of Social Prosperity delivering the Iraca Project in Tumaco

This project will benefit more than 2,100 vulnerable households from the Awa Inda Sabaleta Indigenous Reservation.

Within the framework of a public-private partnership in Tumaco, the Unit for the Victims took part in the delivery of the sewing workshop to the Entrepreneur Women for Tumaco’s Future Cooperative.

This initiative was established thanks to the coordinated work of Social Prosperity, SENA, the Ministry of Commerce, solidarity organizations, Unit for the Victims, private PETRODECOL and Colombia Transforma Cooperation.

More than 2,100 vulnerable households will benefit from this project, and they will be included in these programs to guarantee their basic livelihood and economic resources.

The Iraca Project aids 1,400 households from ethnic communities. This initiative delivered supplies and materials for more than $1,358 million COP to 418 households in the Awa Inda Sabaleta Indigenous Reservation.

These resources will be used for food security home gardens, agricultural production systems, tropical fruits commercialization and traditional crops commercialization strengthening.

According to Social Prosperity data, $16,213 million COP have been invested on the Iraca Project in Nariño; this has been done to support 2,359 ethnic families in four municipalities. Only in Tumaco, the program exceeds $9,622 million COP.


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