Unit for the Victims’ Director highlights collaboration with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

The NRC supports Public Victims Policies, mainly strengthening collective reparation, returns and relocations, care for abroad victims, and emergency care and prevention processes.

The Unit for the Victims’ Director, Ramon Rodriguez Andrade, held a virtual meeting with the NRC team. He highlighted the joint work with that organization and announced a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in the works.

He said: “Despite last year difficulties, this partnership with the NRC kept going at most areas where it operates in the country”. He also stressed that within the framework of the 2019’s 1957 Agreement, the planned Humanitarian Help aids were made in Panama and Ecuador.

He stressed how one of the main issues is the abroad victims aid: “This is a great concern for us because the entity has a hard time reaching Colombians outside the country. It has been intricate, and even more so in pandemic times. There is a need to reach them, and that calls us today to work hand by hand through these alliances.”

“Currently we have an agreement that entails a series of actions, which includes visiting different construction sites. We have to work together to finish them; the communities demand quality, but we are also aware of the difficulties reaching these municipalities,” added Ramon Rodriguez.

The Director highlighted the NRC work related to Returns and Relocations. “On the issue of emergencies, I believe we have to look for an additional bonus regarding leaders’ work and their protection. We need to articulate with the Ministry of the Interior, so we can replicate and improve their experience.”

Furthermore, he insisted in the Unit for the Victims’ commitment to keep working with the Council: “The professionals in the territory are available to you so we can accelerate logistical issues, the execution of the works and its delivery. Sometimes it is necessary to operate from the specific territories, and to do so the key fact is to achieve articulation.”

The meeting ended announcing that a new MOU is currently under review and being negotiated by the Unit’s Legal Advisory Office. This document already has the missionary areas and General Sub-directorate green-light: “I will be on top of this agreement because it deals with paths to keep working together in a dynamic manner.”


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