Unit, Chancellery and Ombudsman’s Office cleared up abroad victims’ representatives’ election issues

With the participation of victims located over more than 20 countries, directors and delegates of these entities gathered through a Facebook Live event. Before the National Board, they specified the main subjects to be considered on the next representatives election.

Questions about registration, election dates, voting mechanisms and application requirements, among others, were answered by directors and delegates from the Unit for the Victims, Chancellery, and the Ombudsman’s Office. This dialogue focused on victims residing over more than 20 countries, who currently are seeking to elect their representatives before the Effective Participation Board.

According to Aura Helena Acevedo, the Unit for the Victims’ Interinstitutional Management Director: “The workings of this democratic process were explained, guaranteeing participation rights of the registered organizations, this to elect leaders who contribute with the implementation of the Victims Public Policy.”

She explained: “We have been working for the development of these spaces from the Unit for the Victims. We have also been focused on the victims’ training socialization, so that all of them, both in the country and abroad, actively take part in all the processes moving forward regarding victims’ reparation.”

Yani Zambrano, the Unit for the Victim’s Participation Sub-director, said the event was successful and praised the victims’ presence from more than 20 countries. “There were doubts and concerns regarding our new Protocol. Fortunately, and regarding victims abroad, there was no variation in the articles, mainly due to the successful model that has been operating for four years, which has been an example for the elections and the developments we can formulate in the current victims’ election process,” she stressed.

“This is the first transmission made to answer questions, so that through the Ombudsman’s Office, the Chancellery and the Unit, we explain the election process. However, we have been spreading the word since the first day of 2021, so those who are interested can complete their registration process before March 31st,” Oscar Ivan Rico, the Unit for the Victims’ Abroad Victims Coordinator.

“From January 1st, registrations have been open for abroad victims’ organizations to nominate delegates for the Effective Participation National Board, which will take place between October and November of this year,” he said.

Omar Castañeda, an Ombudsman’s Office Delegate, explained his entity’s Technical Secretariat role and how the registration form should be filled out. This was meant for those who wish to participate in the abroad victims’ representatives’ election before the National Board.

Castañeda specified the following: After the candidates’ registration, which runs until March 31st, the Ombudsman’s Office receives all the registration requests sent by the consulates, and finally, the requirements and consolidation of the candidates’ lists are verified.


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