Victims of 10 Magdalena municipalities received compensation for more than $ 1.8 billion

The day, which lasted for two days, complied with the biosafety protocols required by the national government.

The Victims Unit delivered 277 letters of compensation for 1.807 million pesos that benefit victims of armed conflict in the municipalities of Ariguaní, Cerro de San Antonio, Chibolo, Ciénaga, Plato, Sabanas de San Ángel, Santa Ana, San Sebastián de Buenavista, Banana Zone and the district of Santa Marta.

During the day, which took place over two days, the victims were summoned by groups every hour to avoid the capacity and comply with all the biosafety protocols required by the national government.

The director of Magdalena Unit, Jair Diazgranados, indicated that “with these resources that the victims receive, we seek to contribute to their life projects and thus be able to mitigate a little the damage caused by the armed conflict in this department”.


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