There were 35 action plans formulated and applied with SNARIV entities on 2020

Some of the actions carried out during 2020 were agreements with Higher Education Institutions, strengthening of participation as well as socialization sessions of the offer.

The Technical Coordination Sub-directorate of the National System of Attention and Integral Reparation to Victims (SNARIV for its Spanish acronym) released the balance of carried out actions in 2020. In this report, it is shown that the Unit influenced the planning process of the SNARIV entities in 35 action plans formulated and applied in 2020.

The entity prepared inter-institutional work with 10 consolidated subcommittees, it carried out 138 articulation actions with 35 entities, while strengthening the representatives’ participation on the National Board’s Subcommittees.

Currently, the Higher Education Technical Boards are operating; a total of 20 boards were installed in the same number of Territorial Directions. The signing of 40 agreements with educational institutions and 6 socialization sessions of higher education offer is also noteworthy.

There were 3,657,100 effective access events to the offer by the victims; this represents a 63% growth against 2019. On the other hand, 34 sessions aimed at the victim population were held, where 6,000 attendees received information regarding SNARIV entities.

From the SNARIV’s Technical Coordination Sub-directorate, it is highlighted that 430 offers were identified and characterized; this represents a 180% growth against 2019.

Likewise, in 2020, 7,600 victims had effective access to the offer, this due to the submissions done by the SNARIV’s Technical Coordination Sub-directorate. Finally, the information regarding the offer of 14 entities was given to 56 National Board delegates.


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