The Unit introduced the properties’ offer from the Fund for the Victims Reparation

According to the entity’s director, this offer will allow the commercialization and monetization of 114 assets for sale or lease that were given by the postulates of the Justice and Peace Law

Joined by the Fund for the Victims Reparation’s Coordinator, Miguel Avendaño, General Director of the Unit for the Victims, Ramon Rodriguez Andrade, announced the assets’ offer from the Fund for the Victims Reparation.

The Fund’s Coordinator assured that citizens will be able to access and check the 114 assets that are published either for sale or rent through the Unit’s website at the following url: “We are complying with the transparency and publicity guidelines that the properties must have. This is a real estate offer which seeks that all citizens of the national territory, including people abroad, may see what the Fund has for sale and rent. Furthermore, on this platform you can find all the characteristics of the assets, the price, the area, and everything related to these properties.”

Avendaño added that this is done to ensure the access of anyone who meets the requirements either for sale or rent, which guarantees transparency and efficiency in the whole process.


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