Santander continues to commemorate its survivors of armed conflict, with the Fourth Marathon for Victims

With a sports day where the Fourth Marathon was held for Victims of Armed Conflict and Peace, the Government of Santander was the host to end the month of this great Commemoration in Memory and Solidarity with the Victims.


Around 300 people among them, Victims, Santander Victims Unit, National Police, the Fifth Brigade of the Second Division of the National Army, the Ombudsman, universities,  Santander League of Athletics, sports institutions, public entities, businesses, disabled people, children, young people, adults and entire families. They attended this great call in García Rovira Park to run 3.5 kilometers in solidarity for the victims of armed conflict.

"Today we accompany the victims in this fourth marathon with a distance of just over 2.5 km, this is a sign of solidarity, accompaniment and continuous work in this new scenario of peace, coexistence and solidarity", said Gonzalo García Bautista, Santander Territorial director.

The day began with a sports warm-up, athletes enrolled in eight categories, which allowed the integration of all in a recreational space for children, youth, adults and Public Force, who left from the park, came down through the City Hall, crossed by the Provincial Viaduct of Ninth Street, and then they went up 37th Street until arriving at the Yellow Palace.

The athlete Jean Ríos, in just 12 minutes with 06 seconds, was the great winner of activity, the first to cross the finish line after traveling more than 3 kilometers of this Fourth Marathon for the Victims of Armed Conflict, culminated with the award to the winners of different categories and with the awarding of recognitions to all leaders of different organizations of victims of the region.

"It is a gesture of solidarity for victims and we hope that every year this is done and we are taken into account, we are here participating in this cultural recreation something that we should take advantage of as victims," ​​said Elsa Nardes Ibáñez, Coordinator of victims of the participation table of the municipality of Lebrija.

Category: Children from 12 to 16 years old

Name: The girl, Greimar Lizcano

Time: 14'46 "

Category: Men

Name: Juan Gómez

Time: 14'14 "

Recreational category: Ladies

Name: Consuelo Celis Pico

Time: 18'46 "

Recreational Category: Men

Name: Jhon Rueda

Time: 13'14 "

Category: National Police

Name: agent Jorge López

Time: 13'40 "

Category: National Army

Name: soldier, José Luis Palacios (of the Guayu ethnic group)

Time: 14'15 "

Open category: Ladies

Name: Natalia Hernández

Time: 15'5 "

Category: Elite men

Name: Jean Ríos

Time: 12'06 "