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The victims make proposals to Conpes from Eje Cafetero

Victim leaders from Eje Cafetero and Antioquia met with the Victims Unit and the National Planning Department to make contributions in order to update the National Council for Economic and Social Policy (CONPES).

Victim leaders who coordinate different Tables for the Effective Participation of Victims in the departments of Antioquia, Risaralda, Caldas and Quindío, met with officials from the Department of National Planning and the Victims Unit of the nation-territory component, to make different contributions of facing the CONPES update.

The exercise consisted of raising, analyzing and exposing the problems, as well as seeking solutions from the perspective of victims of armed conflict, in lines such as health, education, housing, job options and training of new leaders.

“These spaces are very important because it is you, the members of the roundtables, who know first-hand the problems of the community and we hope from the entities to be able to give solutions to various situations, achieving together the reconstruction of the social network that we have sought so much from. of the implementation of various actions”, commented the territorial director of the Unit in the Coffee Region, Laura Moreno Mejía.

From the institutionality it was argued that said contributions will be taken to feed the tree of problems and solutions of the CONPES document, this in order to improve the response of the territorial and national entities to solve different aspects, systematizing the approaches and collecting concerns about throughout the country through different work tables and consultation.

Menderson Mosquera, coordinator of the Departmental Table for Victims in Antioquia, said about the exercise: “This deals exclusively with the general guidelines regarding care, assistance and comprehensive reparation plans, it is a supremely important exercise for the indicators and goals through the which must be fulfilled and the rights of the population reestablished, that is why we want to propose needs and actions that go towards an improvement in the quality of life of the victims ”.

This management exercise in public policy arises from planning that has already been carried out through the construction of Territorial Action Plans, the implementation of the policy and its monitoring, carrying out controls from the territory.

“For us this type of space is too important because if our voices are heard, the truth is known, it is good that they take us into account for proposals and inputs and that in this way the CONPES document is strengthened; Although we have made great progress, we still have shortcomings and therefore contributions are essential so that the implementation of the law is much more effective when it comes to repairing the victims”, said Nora Elisa Vélez, leader of victims in the department of Quindío.


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El Resguardo Ampuile o Ambaló, ubicado en el municipio de Silvia, Cauca, resguardo ha sido víctima de todos los tipos de violencia, donde actores armados han desarmonizado su territorio con incursiones y hostigamientos.

La campaña electoral de 1986 tuvo como hito la elección de 14 congresistas, 18 diputados, 20 consejeros en los territorios nacionales y 335 concejales por parte de la Unión Patriótica (UP), un partido de izquierdas que surgía del proceso de paz con las FARC-EP.

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