One billion pesos has been invested by the Unit in attention to victims in the center of country

In seven years of the Victims Law, the Unit has worked permanently for the survivors in Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Tolima.

The central territorial management, which serves the departments of Cundinamarca, Tolima, Boyacá, and the capital of country, presented a summary of work carried out in the seven years of Law 1448.

In Bogotá, where there are 587 thousand victims subject to care, 555 billion pesos have been invested, of which 314 thousand correspond to humanitarian assistance and 239 thousand to individual indemnities.

During 2018, nearly 20 billion pesos have been delivered in inter-institutional service fairs, held in the town of Suba and in the Memory, Peace and Reconciliation Center.

In the capital, the coordinated work with the High Council for Victims, Peace and Reconciliation stands out.

In Cundinamarca, there are 143,734 victims of the conflict registered, and an investment of 129 billion pesos has been made: 70 billion pesos for humanitarian assistance and 54 billion pesos for compensation.

In the department there are three Regional Centers of Attention to Victims (CRAV) located in the municipalities of La Palma, Viotá and Soacha, in which 4 billion pesos were invested. Support has also been provided to territorial entities for 112 million.

In the department of Boyacá, where there are 33,581 victims subject to care, 39 billion pesos have been invested to date, 11 thousand of which are destined for humanitarian assistance and 28 thousand for payment of administrative indemnities.

Tunja, Sogamoso, Villa de Leyva, Chiquinquirá and Puerto Boyacá are the municipalities that have points of attention for victims.

The Unit for victims has invested 2,134 million pesos this year in administrative compensation for victims of the municipalities of Tunja, Sogamoso, Duitama, Paipa, Chiquinquira, Muzo, Pauna, Otanche, Briceño, Páez, Miraflores, San Luis de Gaceno, Santa María, Garagoa, Chinavita, Belén, Tibasosa, Cubará and Puerto Boyacá.

In Tolima, 174,159 victims are subject to attention in the Unified Registry. There has been an investment of 195 billion pesos, of which 109 billion have been allocated for humanitarian assistance and 82 billion for compensation. Individually 12 thousand people have obtained such compensation.

On a daily basis, this territorial directorate works in the care of victims through care days, socialization of ethnic decrees, support of returns and relocations, through coordinated work with mayors, governors and their work teams.

The territorial director, Jorge Orlando Sánchez, invited the entities that are part of National System of Attention and Integral Reparation for Victims (Snariv) to continue working for the benefit of population affected by conflict, which has demonstrated great capacity for resilience and decision on the restoration of their rights and improvement of their living conditions.