Community Council of North Pacific Coast of Chocó, recognized as Subject of Collective Repair

The recognition ceremony was one of the activities carried out by general director of the Unit for Victims, Yolanda Pinto Afanador, during her visit to the municipality of Bahía Solano, Chocó.

In a sense act carried out in the installations of Municipal Mayorship of Bay Solano, the director of the Victims Unit, Yolanda Pinto Afanador, gave delivery of the Resolution by means of which recognizes as Subject of Collective Reparation to the Council Community of North Pacific Coast of Chocó.

On behalf of this community, the Resolution was received by Professor Francisco Murillo, representing that community, who noted that "this is a historic event for the region and we are very happy with this recognition. We hope to work hand in hand with the Victims' Unit and local authorities to take forward the reparation process that follows. We are very grateful to the Unit for this recognition", he said.

On the other hand, director Pinto, when delivering the Resolution, indicated that "this community was seriously affected by the ravages that armed conflict left in the region and that they will work hard with this group to take forward the process of collective reparation".

The ceremony was headed by Yolanda Pinto Afanador, general director of Victims Unit; María del Rosario Palacios territorial director of Chocó Unit; Herley Liliana Ortiz municipal mayor; Esther Lucía Lozano municipalombudsman, and other local authorities.

Contingency plans

Director Pinto also took advantage of her visit to Bahía Solano to close the Subregional Day of Contingency Plans of Choco Pacific Coast.

The event was attended by mayors, municipal representatives, victim liaisons and government secretaries of Juradó, Nuquí and Bahía Solano municipalities. The director also headed a Transitional Justice Committee advanced in the facilities of City Hall. The day had the support of Norwegian Refugee Council.

Service day and service fair

Nearly 400 victims, both in the urban and rural area, were treated during the day of attention and orientation carried out in Bahia Solano Coliseum.

In the same place, a service fair was held where entities such as SENA, ICBF, Supersalud, Comfachocó, Red Unidos, Colpensiones, the Victims Unit and local entities, made their institutional offers known to attendees.

Meeting with the Municipal Table of Victims

As the last act of her visit to Bahía Solano, Yolanda Pinto met with Municipal Table of Victims, an event that took place in El Valle village. During the meeting, the director heard and responded to the different concerns raised by members of the Bureau, made an assessment of the work of Unit both nationally and in Bahia Solano and announced the immediate challenges of the entity for what remains of 2018.

"For me it is of vital importance that the Unit general director visits our municipality. We are very grateful to her because they see the desire to work hard for the victims and we hope to continue counting on their support to continue our work from the Municipal Table", said Alfredo Arboleda, member of the Bureau of Victims of Bahia Solano

Lastly, Herley Liliana Ortiz, Mayor, stated that "the truth is that it has been a blessing to have here in Bahia Solano the directors Yolanda Pinto and María del Rosario Palacios. They were three very productive days and I am sure that from now on we will work with the Unit more articulately for our victims".