Victims of forced displacement victims BE AWARE. Applying for business units’ delivery is free!

The Unit for the Victims informs: to access the Special Family Support Schemes call for returned households, there is NO need for intermediaries. The procedures are free.

Bogotá, D.C.Bogotá, D.C.

Unscrupulous individuals are deceiving the victims. They charge for the application process for the Special Family Support Schemes or business units’ delivery to returned displacement victims. In 2021, this strategy is taking place in 43 municipalities around the country.

Displacement victims in return or relocation condition of 43 municipalities of the country, who wish to access the Special Family Support Schemes (EEAF for its Spanish acronym), will be able to register to the open call for free. This can be done until March 31st of this year through the Unit for the Victims. Remember, registrations must be made through the entity's website www.unidadvictimas.gov.co. There you will be able to see the requirements and, if these are met, fill out the application form provided for the open call: https://bit.ly/3aF14Fj. You can apply by entering your information and mandatory documents.

For more information, applicants may contact or communicate with their municipality mayor’s office, or with the Unit for the Victims’ Territorial Direction through the Returns and Relocations professionals.

You can also contact the Unit’s attention channels and telephone lines: Toll-free National Line 018000-911-119 or from any land line in Bogota to 4261111. Do not be fooled, report any irregularity to grupocontrafraudes@unidadvictimas.gov.co