This Wednesday, July 28th, begins the Great Event where compensation letters will be delivered to the conflict victims

Throughout these events organized by the Unit for the Victims, about 21,000 letters of compensation will be delivered in July throughout 335 municipalities of the country.


The Unit for the Victims Director, Ramon Rodriguez, announced that starting this Wednesday, July 28th, a Great Compensation Event for the victims of the armed conflict will be held throughout the country.

“On July 28th, 29th and 30th, we will carry out a Great Event to notify the conflict victims about the compensation letters delivery in 66 municipalities and cities. During these three days, we will deliver 11,108 letters.”

On these dates, the Unit’s management team, official workers and others will be in different places delivering these compensation letters. "With this type of conference, we restate President Duque’s commitment to serve, assist and repair this population affected by the conflict," he said.

11,108 people will be notified in all the Territorial Directions in the following manner: Atlantico, 137 letters; Bolivar, 283; Uraba, 858; Caqueta and Huila, 535; Cauca, 369; Valle del Cauca, 350; Choco, 343; Meta, 232; Central, 1,841; Magdalena, 686; Nariño, 888; Santander, 501; Sucre, 930; Magdalena Medio, 264; Cordoba, 334; Eje Cafetero, 210; Norte de Santander and Arauca, 425; Putumayo, 87; Antioquia, 282, and La Guajira and Cesar, 1,153 letters.

The Director said by the end of this month it is expected to have delivered “21,000 letters of compensation, which represent about $200,000 million COP that will reach the victims to strengthen income generation, higher education for their children and housing.”

Finally, he stressed the call to all the people who will receive letters not to be fooled by criminals, since there are unscrupulous people who impersonate and use the name of the entity to deceive them. Everyone is welcome to report these cases through the email: grupocontrafraudes@unidadvictimas.gov.co or to the national antifraud line 018000 911 119. In addition, he also reminded the conflict victims: "All the entity’s procedures are free of charge and no intermediaries or processors are needed."