Measures set forth at PIRC of Carare Workers and Peasants Association of Association are reviewed and adjusted

In a two-day working day, the Victims' Unit carried out the review and adjustment of measures contemplated in the Comprehensive Collective Reparation Plan (PIRC) of Carare Workers and Peasants Association.


The day was developed with the presence of promotion committee of Carare Association of Workers and Peasants (ATCC) which comprises 6 municipalities: La Belleza, Sucre, Bolivar, Cimitarra, El Peñón, Landázuri and public institutions such as, Ombudsman, Procurator's Office, departmental health and education secretariats, EPS representatives and hospital managers, among other entities. It was a working table to review the Collective Repair measures concerning education and health.

"It is something that we were waiting for several days, a space to express the needs we have in our region, likewise this is the only way to have commitments that will be visible as time passes; Today important things were achieved, the presence of several institutions was very pleasant for me because we were able to concretize things that we had been asking for a while, "said Claudia del Pilar Bejarano, secretary of ATCC.

It was an inter-institutional articulation that allows  members of ATCC to express their needs, so that the institutions in common agreement acquire commitments and thus the viability of these measures will be more reflected, as expressed by the territorial director of the Victims Unit in Santander, Gonzalo García Bautista: "It is important to work with the subjects of collective reparation, comprehensive reparation plans, first because they arise from the exercise of concertation and second because it is the possibility of landing the measures in the institutional reality and budget. The important thing is to be able to reach agreement with the promotion committee of ATCC and the governmental institutions on the actions of these measures so that they really are effective and thus improve the environments of families that each of the victim population represents", said García Bautista.

Some of commitments that were acquired in this meeting for the ATCC community were:

Education: Manage distance education with the UNAD for La India township, issue a resolution for the permanence of teachers in the area of ​​influence educational institutions of the ATCC, likewise manage before the Ministry of Education to make the appointment teachers in these areas without having to go through the bank of excellence and convene the rectors of the educational institutions of the six municipalities of influence to include the Chair of Peace in the Institutional Educational Project (PEI).

Health: Construction of a working table between the mayor's office and the governor's office to carry out health and service provision days in India, manage for the achievement of a mobile health unit and hold a meeting with mayors, the Interior, EPS and ATCC to review the base and zoning of the users.