Collective reparations in San Luis to leave the conflict behind

Con la aprobación del plan de reparación colectiva del corregimiento Buenos Aires, en San Luis, ya son 30 planes de este tipo liderados por la Unidad para las Víctimas en el departamento de Antioquia.


After two years of talks, the community of a small lane called Buenos Aires, in the municipality of San Luis (Antioquia department), approved their collective reparations plan, which was elaborated in coordination with the Victims Unit. The plan aims to restore the economic situation of the peasant population and the infrastructure that was affected because of the conflict. There are 30 collective reparation subjects in Antioquia, taking into account communities, groups, and organizations.

Inhabitants of this area in eastern Antioquia live in calm again, and now work in their land so as it can be a productive zone again, and place of peaceful coexistence. ‘The community is very happy and hopeful in this collective reparation process, because we suffered a lot of damages and irrecoverable losses, but we want to move on with this plan and trust in the State again,’ said Eduardo San Martín, a leader in the community.