The Victims Unit has delivered $ 13,544 million in resources for subsidiarity In Antioquia

These resources have been allocated to contingency plans and to humanitarian emergency assistance.


A total of $13,544 million in subsidiarity for emergency care and contingency plans has delivered the Victims Unit in Antioquia. This was said during his visit to Medellín Ramón Rodríguez Andrade, general director of the entity.

According to Rodríguez Andrade, "from the Victims Unit, advice is given to the municipal administrations and support in subsidy resources for the case of displacement emergencies, in coordination with the territorial cooperation agencies".

The official also said that "there is a victimizing fact that is increasing: victimized by threats, while homicides have decreased in recent months. Likewise, we have more than 1,500 statements that have been received in the last four months of Bajo Cauca, mainly from Tarazá, which is equivalent to approximately 5,000 people".

Regarding the extension of Law 1448 of 2011 (Law of Victims), the director of Unit assured that "the national government headed by President Duque is reviewing the extension of the extension of Law. We are in the technical studies to later pass a legislative study to fulfill the victims in a responsible manner and so that above all there are the economic resources to do so, for which they are making articulations with the different international cooperation agencies for this, "he added.

In Antioquia, 2.5 billion pesos have been allocated to reparation for the victims, of which 229,000 have been compensated with resources amounting to 1.5 billion pesos, "said Rodríguez.

In addition, the director during his visit to the city was in interaction with the entity's officials, discussing issues of the Strategic Planning 2019-2020, and listening to their observations.

Finally, he visited the location to which the administrative headquarters will be moved, in which 115 jobs will be available so that officials can carry out their work well for the benefit of victims.