"Aid for humanitarian emergencies in the Pacific Nariño has arrived in less than 48 hours": Ramon Rodriguez

The Unit for the Victims’ Director explained to the Senate that three urgent events registered in 2021 have been responded efficiently and in a timely manner.

Bogotá, D.C.Bogotá, D.C.

In a virtual session of the Senate Peace Commission where the social, economic and public order crisis of the Pacific Nariño was analyzed, the Unit for Victims’ Director, Ramon Rodriguez, assured that in less than 48 hours “we are attending those humanitarian emergencies that should never have happened. Contingency plans were activated, which helps us provide care to the victims in a timely manner, ensuring accommodation and food components.”

Rodriguez added that the Unit also guarantees the municipal administrations’ subsidiarity. “We know that with a single displacement event, some municipalities use up their budget resources, that is why we are ready for the aid processes.”

According to the Unit’s registry, Nariño’s department is the one with the highest number of massive displacement events. "We are already on top of the three events that we have on record," noted the Director during the Senate session.

Additionally, he stated that emergency response is articulated with international cooperation organizations so not to duplicate efforts: “We have been there, our Territorial Direction is always there as well as the Public Ministry articulation; this is done to guarantee the victims’ care through the Transitional Justice Committees.”

Rodriguez recalled the latest emergencies’ balance. “In 2019, we had 24 mass displacement events and one of confinement, which affected 3,884 households with 11,331 people. In 2020, we attended 32 displacement events with 3,526 affected households and 9,778 affected.”

The Unit’s Director added that according to the Single Victims Registry, there are 339,000 subjects of attention in Nariño; on the other hand, there are 3 regional centers in the area, 10 service points, two of them with ethnic focus for the Awa population and, lastly, the Pasto’s Regional Center is also being built with an investment of more than $2.5 billion COP.

Regarding the individual reparation process in the department through 2020, he recapped it was possible to deliver 8,488 compensations with more than $60,000 million pesos COP. As for Returns and Relocations, he stressed that 23 Subjects were collectively repaired in the current Government.

Within the session, the spokesmen of the Red de Pobladores del Alto Patia said the State must solve the problems they suffer in that region where they are intimidated and attacked; they suggested humanitarian spaces and guarantee boards of joint work.

According to different organizations delegates, the Pacific Nariño Coast requires permanent State support, humanitarian presence, International Humanitarian Law guarantees application, community rights respect, civil society protection, free mobility and illicit crops elimination, among other issues.