In Congress, victims ask for fast solutions to achieve peace with FARC

In an extraordinary session of the Follow-up Commission to the Victims Law in Colombian Congress, representatives urged this Monday to accelerate the implementation of the peace accord reached with guerilla FARC. “it is urgent to save the Havana deal. In regions, it is not a paragraph debate, it is a life or death question”: Alan Jara.


More than a hundred victims of the armed conflict which represent a thousand of them, did this Monday an urgent call to the peace deal with FARC, after it was rejected in a plebiscite last 2 October.

Called by senator Juan Manuel Galán, president of the Commission to Follow-Up the Victims Law in Congress, more than a hundred people, members of the National Victims Table, met this Monday in the Senate to analyze the context of public order in the country, after the results of the plebiscite.

“Tha National Table of Victims asks for the implementation of the deal right now. The bilateral cease fire should also continue”, said Odorico Guerra, coordinator of the Participation Table of the Victims.

The congresswoman Consuelo González de Perdomo, who was kidnapped by the rebels of Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), highlighted the urgency to “find a solution soon”, between people who voted “yes” and those who chose “no” in the plebiscite.

In the same way, Sigifredo López, the only deputee from the Valle del Cauca department that didn’t die in guerilla’s hands, said that the victims representatives should be present in the Negociation Table in Havana, between the government and FARC. “The victims should be in the Table as a moral dorce. If we have to adjust something, we must do it but it is urgent to find a way out”.

The director of the Victims Unit, Alan Jara, celebrated the high participation of the victims in the Session of the Congress, and stressed that even though the multiple opinions and points of view, the victims are together around the wish to find a timely solution to overcome the armed conflict.

“We are in a difficult moment. I have been receiving anxious calls from the regions, about uncertainty and fear. There is no time to do long debates. In the regions, it is not about paragraphs but about life or death”, he emphasized

The Victims Unit Director added that the entity he leads will continue deeping on his task on the conflict survivors’ reparation, despite the results of the plebiscite.

Jara, also a FARC victim while he remained kidnapped during 7 years, reaffirmed that the Unit that he leads since last June, will be focused on the 8 million victims in the country.