Opportunities for employment, health and education will arrive for inhabitants of Caracolí and Fredonia in Antioquia

Two municipalities of Antioquia will benefit from the Fair of Services programs in education, health, and employment for their inhabitants.

In May, the Unit for Comprehensive Attention and Reparation for Victims in coordination with Antioquia Government and municipal administrations will hold two service fairs in Caracolí and Fredonia, with the objective of attending and publicizing the inter-institutional education, health and employment offer to the population of these locations.

This is the "Closest Antioquia” program of Antioquia Government in which the other institutions are added in a double session so that the victims and others can directly and effectively obtain the opportunities that exist in the different entities of national, departmental and municipal order. On this occasion the Antioquia governor, Luis Pérez Gutiérrez will be present at the event.

Caracolí, municipality of Magdalena Medio sub-region of Antioquia department, has a population of 4,595 inhabitants, of which there are currently 633 victims subject to comprehensive reparation and attention, which is why it will be held on May 17 and 18 from 8 am at the municipal library the day in which they can access different services and benefits.

On the first day, victims will be treated in a personalized manner, clarifying their doubts about the integral reparation process, the application of the unique characterization interview related to minimum subsistence, requests for humanitarian assistance and news in the Single Victims Registry; with this they will be able to advance in their route of repair that culminates with the measure of administrative indemnification.

Also, on this day, the Unit will carry out the socialization of the "With notebook in hand strategy" so that the young victims of conflict who have not yet obtained their military notebook and who are included in the Single Register of Victims as displaced persons can obtain it for free.

On the second day the Services Fair will be held, in which entities that offer their services in technical and / or professional education will be present such as: Icetex, Cedenorte Technical Institution, Unaula, Politécnico Mayor, ECCI, Salazar & Herrera University, Formarte, Politécnico de Suramérica, Luis Amigó Catholic University, Ceipa, Ibero-American Andean Polytechnic, Catholic University of the North, the Higher Education Promotion Corporation, National Service of Learning (SENA), and the University of Antioquia.

For Jorge Mario Alzate, director of Victims Unit in Antioquia, said that "along with the municipal administration is a great contribution to provide benefits and services for this population, which in many cases had not been able to access the offer that the State has for them because of armed conflict, and now thanks to the final agreement of peace is achieved to have these spaces of inter-institutional articulation what contributes to the construction of peace ".

The official recalled that all the procedures that people perform before the Victims Unit are free and do not require intermediaries.

In the same way on the 19th in Jardin municipality in the southwest of Antioquia, the Victim Unit will be present along with other institutions in order to provide opportunities in education, health, with the aim that this can improve their lives and they manage to overcome what they once had to live. Currently in Garden there are 879 victims subject to comprehensive reparation.